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Save time naming & exporting your solidworks data

Automatic unique filenames based on your standard groupes.

Works with every ERP and PDM system 

About Us

We have been developing Solidworks macro's and true Add-in applications for clients of all sizes for more then five years. While developing these apps we discovered that almost all designers struggle with filenaming conventions. Even with our bigger customers who use PDM systems . For the Solidworks users co-workers, there are similar issues

Purchasers, work preppers always have the same question:

  • Can you make a sheetmetal list?
  • Are these all the Weldments we have to produce?
  • Do I have all the PDF's for those items etc.
  • How many different sprockets sizes did you use ?
  • I want an overview of all the hydraulic parts!
  • etc.

So we realized that almost al Solidwords users an their co-workers have a slumbering need for Autofilenaming. So we builded Caddossier, first as a macro, later on as an add-in.

Our Vision

Is a simple yet straigth foreward one, Designers want to Design, their co-workers want their designs in structured lists and export files like pdf, xls etc.

Caddossier provides designers the tools to do just that. No more, no less. Caddossier works fine in combination with PDM and ERP system due to its simplicity in combination with the automatic created groups.

Start using Caddossier today : free 60 days trial