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Save time naming & exporting your solidworks data

Automatic unique filenames based on your standard groupes.

Works with every ERP and PDM system 

Auto Filenaming for Solidworks

Caddossier is an Autofilenaming Add-in for Solidworks.

  1. Just setup your own grouplist and a filenaming scheme.
  2. Start making new files and renaming files.
  3. That's all!

Automatic filenaming based on your own groups. i.e

  • Sheetmetal
  • Construction
  • Hydraulic
  • etc

Pick your group and Caddossier does the rest!

 Caddossier grouplist


Version 2013

Our 2013 version is now available for a free 60 days trial period! Start using Caddossier today!

  • Automatic filenaming
  • Consistant filestructure between designers
  • Filtering your files en Bom's
  • Generate your production files
  • Works with or without a PDM system

 Opnummeren       Caddossier export        Caddossier filter