caddossier for zwsoft

Caddossier for ZWSOFT

Search And Find

Searching and finding

Searching, finding and reusing your files quickly saves your company time and money. Caddossier comes standard with the following functionalities for this:

  • Advanced search options
  • Advanced filters
  • Favourites and quick access
  • Recently opened dossiers and files
  • Multi-document interface

Automatic File Naming

Automatic File Naming

Automatically generate names for your 2D CAD files, based on your own naming convention. Naming conventions include: categories, order numbers, item numbers, version number and so on. Everything that is useful to you for creating computer-generated file names. This functionality saves you many hours of work during the drawing and design process. It also creates a consistent naming structure throughout the whole engineering department.


  • B. Rijkhof || WTB Rijkhof
    ‘Caddossier spares us the manual donkey work in Solidworks and Spaceclaim’
  • Marco Peters || Romonta
    ‘Finally we’re rid of all those Excel lists, all thanks to Caddossier’
  • R. van Anholt || Dero B.V.
    ‘Finally we’re rid of all those Excel lists, all thanks to Caddossier’
  • Juan Sanchez || Techniarc s.a.
    ‘Outsourcing the wrong version is a thing of the past; Caddossier improves our delivery reliability’
  • M. Somerwil || Quintall
    ‘Caddossier enables the right files to the right people and machinery at the right time’

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