Caddossier launches new website...

It’s finally here, the Caddossier website.

It might seem like no big deal, but for us, it’s quite a landmark.

caddossier classicA couple of years ago, I met Bert, a guy who wrote a pretty neat Solidworks macro. Bert’s Solidworks macro scratched his own daily itch. As a 3D CAD designer with dyslexia, he really hated the whole file naming ‘thing’. So he wrote a macro that basically consisted of a list of groups; e.g.: Sheet metal – Weldment – Pneumatics – Nut’s & Bolts… – well you get the picture. After you chose a group, the macro generates a name for the part/assembly following a consistent file naming convention.
That’s what it was! no more, no less.

Did I like it? Yeah! but for a whole lot of different reasons than Bert’s itch. I realized that classifying/grouping files could be a powerful thing (killer feature) for Small and Medium Sized companies, where PDM and PLM systems are considered overkill.

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