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Getting grip on design & manufacturing

Improve productivity, save more time on repetitive work, searching, reusing your (standard) files and exporting of production files like DXF, STP, PDF. Eliminate errors thanks to version and status management.


Working together on orders & projects

Your colleagues who don’t have access to a CAD package can also benefit from Caddossier and use the same document database (Digidossier). It makes it easy for the whole organization to manage all documents and e-mails using add-ins for MS Office such as Outlook and Excel.

Caddossier News

Caddossier launches new website...

It’s finally here, the Caddossier website.

It might seem like no big deal, but for us, it’s quite a landmark.

caddossier classicA couple of years ago, I met Bert, a guy who wrote a pretty neat Solidworks macro. Bert’s Solidworks macro scratched his own daily itch. As a 3D CAD designer with dyslexia, he really hated the whole file naming ‘thing’. So he wrote a macro that basically consisted of a list of groups; e.g.: Sheet metal – Weldment – Pneumatics – Nut’s & Bolts… – well you get the picture. After you chose a group, the macro generates a name for the part/assembly following a consistent file naming convention.
That’s what it was! no more, no less.

Did I like it? Yeah! but for a whole lot of different reasons than Bert’s itch. I realized that classifying/grouping files could be a powerful thing (killer feature) for Small and Medium Sized companies, where PDM and PLM systems are considered overkill.

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Searching & Finding

Searching & Finding

Searching, finding and reusing your files quickly saves your company time and money. Caddossier comes standard with the following functionalities for this:

  • Advanced search options
  • Advanced filters
  • Favourites and quick access
  • Recently opened dossiers and files
  • Multi-document interface
  • Search and (re)place parts/assemblies in the 3D CAD Package

Re-use and Design copy

Re-use and Design copy

All data and information which is added by Caddossier & Digidossier 365 is not only available in our document database but, you can also use all available data on your drawings e.g. title blocks and BOM’s. This eliminates filling in information manually and thus the possibilities for mistakes. It’s also possible to get your CAD data (i.e. Dimensions) to Digidossier 365.

Automatic batch exports

Automatic batch exports

PDF, DWG, DXF, STP, JPG batch exports are fully automatic, including sheet metal flat patterns. Caddossier goes through the active assembly, automatically generates the desired files and links them to the bill of materials in Caddossier.

Only want to make DWGS and STP files for the underlying milling work for a specific assembly? No Problem, with Caddossier it’s up to you what you export. The Excel lists, STP, DWG and PDF files can all be e-mailed directly to your suppliers from Digidossier 365.

Automatic file naming

Automatic file naming

Automatically generate names for your 3D CAD files, based on your own naming convention. Naming conventions include: categories, order numbers, item numbers, version number and so on.
Everything that is useful to you for creating computer-generated file names. This functionality saves you many hours of work during the drawing and design process. It also creates a consistent naming structure throughout the whole engineering department.

For Office and ERP users too!

For office and ERP users too!

A product is more than the sum of its CAD files. Digidossier 365 is the version for non-CAD users. One database, working together and having access to all the necessary data to achieve an excellent result. Engineering, work preparation, manufacturing and project management all use the same data!
View Digidossier 365 page.

  • Juan Sanchez || Techniarc s.a.
    ‘Outsourcing the wrong version is a thing of the past; Caddossier improves our delivery reliability’
  • B. Rijkhof || WTB Rijkhof
    ‘Caddossier spares us the manual donkey work in Solidworks and Spaceclaim’
  • M. Somerwil || Quintall
    ‘Caddossier enables the right files to the right people and machinery at the right time’
  • Marco Peters || Romonta
    ‘Finally we’re rid of all those Excel lists, all thanks to Caddossier’
  • R. van Anholt || Dero B.V.
    ‘Finally we’re rid of all those Excel lists, all thanks to Caddossier’

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